i'm moldy (proper noun not an adjective). two time winner of the moldcity Silly Guy semi-final championships (not a guy in the traditional sense but in the metaphysical post-corporeal neolithic hunter-gatherer revolutionary sense). im a cat person (interpret that how u will ^_____^). i like using big words and making text-to-text connections but im happy to explain my thought processes and what im trying to get at. sometimes.. everything else about who i am is a mystery and you will need to sift through machine-translated limited gacha event stories from the various official moldbile games to learn more. or.... you can just stick around :3c

it freaks me out a little (read: A LOT) how i cant change my privacy settings on a website so if i mess up and overshare, avert your eyes!!!

mailbox gif moldymail@protonmail.com
tiny appleneocities.org/site/moldymoldy

BORN to POST! blinkie too many tabs!! blinkie This is your brain on blinkies lightly toasted blinkie I have no special talents, I am only passionately curious blinkie I (HEART) TOXIC MOLD blinkie

last modified: 12/15/2022