MOLDY BLOG: THE RE-UP melancholy cat

continuously under construction... began assembly 11/5/2022

NAVigation tiny cat and a music note
misc. (directory)


2/14/2023 added to the holding tank, to-do list

2/5/2023 messed around with background for the homepage, only really works at 1440 x 900 and not sure if ill keep it

1/1/2023 added to some of the misc. pages, created a writing tab (to be expanded upon) (happy new year!)

12/29/2022 created holding tank and 2022 media and added to misc.

12/22/2022 created misc. directory, moved borrowing history into misc. directory, created backgrounds page

12/16/2022 removed chatbox

12/15/2022 revisited site to tweak about text, thinking about readding (?) a journal or something like one once i figure out how i want it to be

11/26/2022 removed journal

11/20/2022 added quiz result to borrowing history page, added email to about page

11/19/2022 added blinkies to about page, more list items on to-do page

11/14/2022 moved changelog to homepage, put it in a scrollable box

11/13/2022 added journal, re-enabled scrolling after i tried testing the site on mobile and some of the text was unreadable (i disabled scrolling yesterday while trying to get the custom cursor to work all the way to the bottom of the page because it was weird on desktop), added a "last modified" line of text to the about page

11/12/2022 added changelog, added gif of osaka azumanga daioh to the to-do page, slightly edited about page text, customized cursor, margins, more general layout (created separate css sheet)

11/5/2022 started working on moldyblog v2 (+ worked on the about, to-do, & general layout/css semi-consistently to avoid doing work in the evenings during the week)

archived site (moldymoldy 1.0)